Mold Recovery & VOC

Mold / VOC Recovery Kit Feeling symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, decreased recovery after exertion, sleep is not that great anymore – and you want to understand what is going on? Mold illness is a condition you need to rule out. It is very common, looks and feels surprisingly similar to a lot of common…

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Why do I still have symptoms of SIBO/SIFO after antibiotic treatment?

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SIBO, Small intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, or SIFO, the Fungal Overgrowth counterpart is named due to the most obvious and characteristic feature – the microbial overgrowth that causes fermentation and putrefaction of the food you eat rather than an effective digestive process. What causes SIBO’s problematic microbial overgrowth? Slow transit in the small intestine is the…

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