Premenstrual syndrome can have an impact on a woman’s moods, emotions, and overall health — particularly before the menstruation cycle starts. In order to better prepare and ensure comfort during this time of the month, Return Healthy offers the Femcycle supplement with various ingredients to manage these symptoms. Today on our blog, we have a few food tips and supplements for PMS that can help you alleviate symptoms.

Pumpkin, corn and apples.

Eat More Fruits and Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are rich in iron and Vitamin B, both of which can help ward off fatigue. These vegetables include turnip greens and kales, sautéed in olive oil, and sprinkles of fresh minced garlic and chopped onions. Fruits can also help curb sugar cravings without incorporating a lot of refined sugars, which can cause glucose levels to spike then crash. In addition, fruits like bananas have a high content of Vitamin B6, which is excellent for boosting your mood; potassium and magnesium, also found in the fruit, will also help reduce bloating. All these dietary nutrients and supplements for PMS are excellent ways to make your menstrual cycle more bearable.

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Exercise and Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and Sweets

Several supplements for PMS can also help reduce the physical symptoms associated with this condition. However, other treatment options, like frequent exercise, can lift moods and improve depression, along with avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and sweets. Taking all these measures will reduce insomnia, anxiety, and nervousness, along with helping your emotional health by stabilizing mood swings.



Introducing Return Healthy’s own Femcycle supplement for PMDD and PMS to your dietary needs gives practical herbal support for premenstrual stress and cramps. Return Healthy prescribes the supplement according to each patient’s symptoms and explains how to balance hormones for optimal wellness. This particular product includes a unique blend of iodine and chasteberry to help with breast tenderness and fibrocystic issues. This supplement to support hormone balance also includes essential oils to calm nerves, reduce cramping, and promote a healthy libido. Browse all its ingredients and benefits online now!

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Increasing Calcium Intake

Calcium is also a helpful supplement for PMDD and PMS that can assist in alleviating symptoms including: insomnia, depressed mood, anger, and lack of interest in activities once enjoyed. In addition, adding calcium to your diet will help bring back the joy and excitement of life during this difficult and stressful time.


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Learn More About How Return Healthy Can Help

Both PMS and PMDD have symptoms that may affect your daily life as a woman. However, a healthy lifestyle and a comprehensive treatment plan with the help of Femcycle can help reduce or eliminate the symptoms for most women. Contact Return Healthy for more information about all our natural health supplements and personalized plans.