The human body requires nutrients and vitamins to function optimally. Many of these vitamins are found in the foods we eat. However, getting all the nutrients your body needs from food alone can be a daunting task. This is where supplements come in; they make up for any vitamin or nutrient deficiency your body may have. Microbiome Balance by Return Healthy is an example of one of such supplements. If you’re still unsure about supplements, here are 5 reasons that will change your mind. 

Family with healthy immune system.
Supplements Boost Your Immune System

Supplements are typically made up of vitamins, amino acids (protein building blocks), enzymes, minerals, herbs, and other healthy ingredients. All of which provide nutrients that boost immunity and fight off diseases.

Taking a rest while working out to avoid tissue and cellular damage.
Repairs Tissue and Damaged Cells

Vitamins and minerals are responsible for body cells and tissue repair. Taking in a healthy amount of supplements can produce just the same results. For instance, Vitamin C supplements can improve your skin tissues and boost healing. This information is a vital theme for this year’s self-improvement month.

Happy and healthy woman without chronic illness dancing.
Reduces the Risk of Chronic Illnesses

An adequate amount of vitamins and nutrients can prevent the development of chronic diseases. Dietary supplements can also perform the same function. The microbiome balance supplements not only aid in digestion but help to prevent chronic illnesses.

Mother and young daughter doing simple workouts together to stay active.
Aids Physical and Cognitive Development

Supplements are instrumental in both physical and cognitive development. As a result, we are promoting the use of supplements for this year’s World Alzheimer’s month. With the right amount of supplements, many people can live free of such cognitive impairment.

Healthy and active older woman biking in a triathlon outside.
Improves Overall Health

The effects of supplements on your health cannot be overstated. It aids bone strength and development, prevents cell damage, reduces fatigue, and boosts your immune system. Overall, it improves your health.

Supplements are able to help your body in these ways and many more. Shop our selection of supplements online that can help boost your immune system, brain health, achy muscles and joints, sleep support, energy support, and more. Order online or contact Return Healthy today.

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