Additional Health Support

Immune Function

Supporting your immune system is vital. We want you to do everything you can to support your immune system so that it is functioning properly.
We offer the following products to support your immune system: Foundation Formula, Herbal Biotic, Adaptogen Immune, GSE

pain ease kit


If you are experiencing pain and discomfort or a Herxheimer reaction, we got a great product for you: Itis. Additionally, Joint Soothe and Joint Soothe cream can help you maintain a comfortable body. And Pregnenolone CR can help support your connective tissues like your joints, muscles, and tendons.


Having healthy, sufficient energy levels is a struggle for many. To support healthy energy levels, we recommend the following products: Energy-PQQ, Bio CoQ10, D-Ribose, Glutathione

Phospholipid bottle


Cognitive issues like brain fog are common and really frustrating, Our Vital Brain supplement is an exceptional tool to support cellular function in the brain and optimize cognition. We also recommend Energy-PQQ and Bio CoQ10 to support energy production, especially in the brain. See our Sleep area to support sleep which can help you maintain brain function when you are well rested.


Sleep is absolutely vital for healthy living. While sleeping, the body is able to refocus its efforts away from controlling the body and brain to restoration and healing. Unfortunately, sleep can be evasive for many people. To help support your natural sleep cycles and encourage deep, restful sleep, we recommend the following products: Sleep Support and Melatonin SRT


Detoxification is an area that most people in this modern world need extra help with. Everyone should add as much support as you can get. Aiding your body through the detoxification process is vital for maintainging health, which is why detoxification is one of our Key Support areas. To support the detoxification process, we recommend: Binder Blend, Bio-Assist, Power MultiMix, and Glutathione.


Digestion is really important for wellness. Digestion is crucial so your body can utilize nutrients effectively, support immune function, calm an irritated body, and maintain brain hormone levels.

To aid in digestion, try our Digestive Enzymes which help break down food so it can be absorbed and utilized properly. You can also try Microbiome Balance, GSE, and Probiotics, which support digestion by maintaining healthy gut bacteria levels by promoting good bugs and minimizing bad bugs. Artemisia Trinity is another useful tool for supporting the body’s ability to fight parasites, including parasites of the gut, which will help you maintain digestive health. For digestive support, we recommend Microbiome Balance, Digestive Enzymes, GSE, Probiotics, Artemisia.