Fem Cycle Support Formula | Natural PMS Supplement


  • Supports PMS & PMDD symptoms
  • Restful sleep
  • Alleviate menstrual cramps
  • Reduce bloating
  • Support digestion
  • Designed to reduce mood swings
  • Support your skin to reduce hormonal acne
  • Decrease breast tenderness & improve breast health
  • Increase libido
  • Easier cycles
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What It Does

We carefully curated our ingredients to help calm the nerves and settle emotions with essential oils and even settle your belly with ginger and peppermint! This is the best blend of all ingredients proven to help improve your PMS symptoms so you can find relief. Blend of it ALL!!

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Mood Swings

Hormonal Acne

Hormonal Acne

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Breats Tenderness

Breast Tenderness

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Emotional Balance

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How To Use

Take two capsules daily with or without a meal. Easy as that! Start feeling better in as little as 3 days.

Why You'll Love It

We formulated FemCycle to alleviate and improve PMS symptoms with a proactive solution for PMS relief.

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Non-Sugary Formula

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Vegan Friendly

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Gluten Free

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What's In Our Formula?


The PMS Cheat Sheet

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I have taken Itis, Foundation Formula, and Binder Blend ofr close to 10 years! I am 79 years old I have lived an eventful life, but with that comes aches and pains that are inevitable. Taking these products everyday let me sustain pain-free muscles and joints with an added bonus of sleeping through the night.

I am Very Grateful for these products that have changed my life. I enthusiastically recommend Return Healthy products to anyone!

- Jenny S.

Vital Salts helps me keep electrolytes balanced to prevent dehydration.

My wife buys it for POTS, but i started using it for staying hydrated while cycling and it works great! I don't need to buy or carrysports drinks; I can easily just swallow a couple of pills to prevent muscle cramping.

Great value compared to buying sports drinks and is easy to carry a few pills.

- Chris M.

I've used a few different Return Healthy products while healing from Lyme

Including Binder Blend, Itis, Adaptogen Immune, Vital Salts, and Foundation Formula. They are effective products and I consider a vital part of supporting my body while I recover. Binder Blend is an amazing binder for detoxing. I've tried a number of other products, but none of them compare to Binder Blend. I love Itis for relieving pain and for supporting my body during a herx. Vital Salts is my go-to product for managing my POTS and for helping me feel well hydrated. Adaptogen Immune and Foundation Formula support my immune system.

I absolutely recommend Return Healthy Products to anyone dealing with Lyme. They provide Key benefits to help manage symptoms so that i can focus on recovering. 

- Michelle A.