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SIBO Kit (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)


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  • 4 core supplements: Binder Blend, Bio-Assist, Digestive Enzymes, and Microbiome Balance
  • Supports reduced microbial overgrowth
  • Supports increased nutrient absorption and oxygenation throughout the body
  • Supports your body’s natural detoxification ability
  • SIBO Protocol – How To Use

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Why do I still have symptoms of SIBO/SIFO after antibiotic treatment?

SIBO, Small intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, or SIFO, the Fungal Overgrowth counterpart is named due to the most obvious and characteristic feature – the microbial overgrowth that causes fermentation and putrefaction of the food you eat rather than an effective digestive process.

What causes SIBO’s problematic microbial overgrowth?

Slow transit in the small intestine is the most important causative factor identified.

Slower transit allows longer time for the microbes to ferment and cause the typical symptoms of bloating, distention and discomfort.

In close second place though, low stomach acid, low pancreatic enzyme status, liver issues with poor bile flow and the same as in the first and most important factor, issues pertaining to slowing down the small intestines.

Why do the antibiotics not work for some people?

Microbial overgrowth is a downstream product of the disease, not the cause.

Antibiotic treatment is effective at mowing the bacteria down indiscriminately, for the duration of the treatment, that is. After the fact, if you still have low stomach acid, poor small intestinal motility and a sluggish bile flow or lazy gallbladder, the bacteria will simply regrow, perhaps with more Candida or yeast this time due to the effects of the antibiotics on promoting fungal overgrowth.

A more inclusive approach to SIBO is needed:

Tame the bugs:

Admittedly, the microbial overgrowth is a downstream problem that keeps the condition in place, so go after it with a strategy that is broad spectrum – Microbiome Balance is an all natural formula that can tame the overgrowth.

Microbiome Balance is very well suited to reduce microbial overgrowth – bacteria and yeasts, and is appropriate to take for several months while you work on the underlying factors.

Stimulate secretions and peristalsis:

First, replace digestive secretions with digestive enzymes that contain the upper GI trio of essentials: Stomach acid – Betaine hydrochloride, Pancreatic enzymes and Bile.

Digestive Enzymes taken with or after each meal provides the key chemical environment for digestion rather than fermentation and putrefaction to take place.

Rekindle your organs ability to manage the appropriate secretions and trigger the migrating motor complex and peristalsis to overcome the single most important causative factor for SIBO or SIFO.

Bio-Assist contains an awesome collection of herbs that helps your digestive get behind the tasks at hand, with several aromatic and also bitter digestive herbs promoting secretion of stomach acid, bile and pancreas enzymes, it also has several bitter digestive herbs associated with rekindling the MMC, migrating motor complex that make peristalsis happen.

Bind up inflammatory toxins:

SIBO microbes increase in the release of bacterial debris and serum endotoxins and, consequently, of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Binding up the microbial particulates and decrease the immune irritation for a better regulated digestive tract.

Binder Blend is a winning strategy to bind up the microbial toxins for elimination. Binders are best taken away from meals, preferably twice per day or more per day.

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SIBO Kit (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)