The Healthy Way to Treat Lyme

Lyme disease can cause a wide range of symptoms and it is a disease that can not be 100% prevented.  It can be contracted without your knowledge before symptoms start to become prevalent. It is estimated that more than 40% of patients with Lyme Disease do not recall a tick bite or a bull-eye rash on their bodies. It is crucial to understand the healthiest way to approach treatment in order to preserve your health. Read below about the healthy way to treat Lyme disease and contact the team at Return Healthy for more information today!

Recognize The Symptoms

Lyme is insidious in that it is generally spread by ticks, who are small and notoriously difficult to locate unless they are causing rashes or pain in a specific area. If you have spent time outdoors and suddenly feel fatigued, fever, joint pain, joints swelling,  muscle pain, or flu-like symptoms, you should make sure to see a doctor in order to figure out if you have Lyme.

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Get Tested

It is imperative that you get tested if you are experiencing symptoms related to Lyme. It can go on to cause severe health issues that can be life threatening if they aren’t addressed in a timely manner. Be proactive about your health if you have spent time outdoors and start to experience symptoms — it could potentially save your life.

Foundation Formula

The Foundation Formula from Return Healthy is a supplement that can assist in offering support to those suffering from Lyme. It can help regulate your immune system to get you back on the path to proper health. It can also support your body’s resistance to stress and support detoxification pathways. Additionally, it features powerful antioxidant properties.

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Get Frequent Checkups

As we mentioned previously, Lyme can cause significant harm if not treated properly. Your health can be significantly compromised, which is why it is so important to maintain constant contact with your physician while dealing with treatment. Don’t play games when it comes to making sure that you stay healthy — talk to your doctor about your symptoms so that they can assist you in getting better.

Lyme disease isn’t something that should be taken lightly. There are healthy ways to treat it such as supplements that can help assist in treatment like Foundation Formula. There are also preventative measures that can be taken so that you don’t catch it in the first place. Learn more about treatment for Lyme when you contact our team at Return Healthy.

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