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  •  Supports the body’s ability to fight parasites like malaria and worms and slows the growth of bacteria
  •  Contains the build-up of harmful cells
  •  Boosts your body’s defenses and nurtures cellular well-being with our powerful immune-enhancing formula
  •  Used for centuries to promote overall health and wellness

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Artemisia Trinity is a synergy of the beneficial properties of numerous plant chemicals found in wormwood or Sweet Annie. 

Wormwood whole herb supports digestion as a herbal bitter and carminative: enhancing the upper digestive track secretions of stomach acid, digestive enzymes and bile acids as well as functioning as a prokinetic.*
Whole herb wormwood also helps support balance of the microbiome.*
Wormwood 30:1 concentrates the rich synergy of the metabolites of wormwood.*

Artemisinin is a very targeted oxidative agent, damaging parasite proteins through the powerful free radical form of artemisinin.*

Artemisia essential oil, as a fat soluble substance, is well positioned for the intracellular and nervous system as target tissues, as well as mature biofilms.

Ingredients, per 1 capsule:
Artemisinin (from Artemisia annua) 125 mg, Proprietary blend: 417 mg, Sweet Wormwood Herb Powder (Artemisia annua), Sweet Wormwood Herb Extract 30:1 (Artemisia annua), Artemisia annua Essential Oil (40% Ketones), Bioperine (Black Pepper Extract, Piper nigrum).

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What's Inside

Wormwood has a long, rich history of use in herbal medicine with some Chinese scripts describing its use for fever conditions, presumably malaria, in 400-300 BCE. Wormwood or Sweet Annie herb is a potent and well rounded herb containing various classes of plant chemicals considered useful in altering health conditions. Wormwood is traditionally used for a range of conditions including intestinal and internal parasites, folkloric interpretations of its use in fever conditions resembles the symptom picture of malaria and babesia infections, and most importantly as a herbal bitter which is used to support and stimulate digestion and its secretions, most desirably bile flow and stimulation of the transit of intestinal contents [prokinetic].*
Herbal extracts are a useful part of modern day herbalism, concentrating the active ingredients considered to be the most active while not loosing the rich blend of phytochemicals isolated from Artemisia annua, including monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, triterpenoids, steroids, various lipids, flavonoids, coumarins, and other polyphenols. *
Artemisinin, isolated from the leaves of Artemsia species in 1972, was such an important and potent antimalarial agent, Dr Tu, researcher, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2015. Artemisinin, as a natural plant extract, is used in the pharmaceutical industry to create several drugs on the WHO list of essential drugs – Dihydroartemisinin, Artesunate, Artemether and Arteether.* Artemisinin is able to damage parasite proteins, with apparently no harm to the host. Proteins inside parasites activates the endoperoxide ring of the artemisinin molecule, creating a powerful free radical – which then attacks parasite proteins without harming the host.*
Essential oils demonstrate extreme fat solubility, which in conjunction with its ability to generate reactive oxygen species, makes it uniquely well suited to penetrate mature biofilms and the intracellular space. Several studies suggests that Artemisia essential oil possess strong antimicrobial properties towards both pathogenic gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, and also diverse fungi. *
Bioperine® improves the absorption of Artemisinin.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Artemisia Trinity is an herbal supplement from Return Healthy that supports your body’s ability to fight parasites and parasitic infection, while also supporting your overall immune system.* If you’re suffering from parasites, you may be experiencing fatigue, abdominal symptoms such as upset stomach, nausea, or weight loss.  You may take these supplements as directed by your healthcare professional and with or without food. This supplement has been used for centuries as a way to promote better health and wellness. Shop Return Healthy today and get the support you need to kick parasites to the curb.*
Artemisia Trinity from Return Healthy contains triple fortified wormwood and essential oils to help your body fight parasites, support cellular health, and aid in the healthy function of your liver. Symptoms of a parasite infection can leave you feeling sick. All of our supplements from Return Healthy are made right here in the USA, with your health and wellness in mind.
Suffering from parasites or a parasitic infection can put a huge damper on your day-to-day living. That’s why we created specific and potent herbal supplements from Return Healthy. We want to give you the power to take back your health and feel your best.  Artemisia Trinity can help aid your body in the recovery of parasites or an infection caused by parasites.* When you choose Return Healthy to help you take control of your health, you’re choosing a line of herbal, all-natural supplements that were created by people just like you. Stock up on your supply of our Artemisia Trinity formula and say goodbye to parasites.*


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