Mold Illness Is a Condition

Mold is inherently toxic to the human body. The frustrating part about it is that it can accumulate and do you harm without you even noticing it, as it generally grows in places that you don’t frequently look into or have access to. It is important to be aware of mold’s risks, identify signs of mold illness, and be able to address them so that you can preserve your health. Read below to find out more and contact the team at Return Healthy today for more information.

What Is Mold?

Mold is a fungus that can build up in confined areas and cause harm. It consists of numerous tiny spores that float through the air and are generally invisible. When these spores find a moist surface to land on, they can thrive and pose a risk to your health.

An image of mold growing around a window
A doctor talking with a woman about Mycotoxins


Mycotoxins are the biotoxin that is produced by fungi. It is harmful to the human body. These toxins that are spread through mold spores in the air can infect the body and cause a number of health issues that pose serious risks to anything living in their near vicinity. Mold can cause CIRS – chronic inflammatory response syndrome — which can compromise your ability to breathe.


If you are living/working  in a Moldy environment the first thing to do will be to remove yourself from the source and limit the exposure. Your body will not be able to start detoxing and healing if you are still actively exposed to Mold. 

Ailments that stem from mold can present quickly and can have severe effects on your body. The good news is that it isn’t something that is untreatable. One method is the Mold & Biotoxin Recovery Kit, it can help to reduce inflammation caused by mold, assist in the process of your body’s detoxification process, and support organ function.

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A professional cleaner in a protective suit getting ready to clean mold

Clearing Mold

If you are suffering the effects of mold illness you must take action in order to clear the source of your problems. Professional teams can come into your home or business and assess the situation in order to determine the extent of the issue. Mold is very hard to clean and remediate in most cases and we highly suggest contacting a team of professionals that specialize on remediate mold/moldy structures.

Mold illness is something that many people experience. The frightening part of it is you might be unaware that it is affecting your health until your health is compromised. If you feel that you might be experiencing symptoms of mold illness, it is important to take action right away. You can  Contact Return Healthy with your questions today and look into our Mold & Biotoxin Recovery Kit if you have suffered effects from mold exposure.

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