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Intracellular Support Kit


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The Intracellular Support Kit contains 6 different supplements containing a synergistically formulated combination of nutrients to achieve very specific tasks – each designed from scratch and made to work together to pull the body’s defense, protection, and repair systems together to overcome complex, chronic vector-borne health problems.

    • Adaptogen Immune for tissue resilience
    • Artemisia Trinity and Cryptolepis Synergy to antagonize intracellular pathogen influences while providing ongoing intracellular support and systems optimization
    • Bio-Assist and Binder Blend for a solid foundation of drainage and detox support, focusing on the binding of toxins and inflammatory herx debris
    • Phospholipid Synergy Powder for a synergy of cell structural support and additional nervous system, liver and bile flow support

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Our Intracellular Support Kit is the essential set of products to support your recovery from intracellular pathogens. Most commonly you will experience fatigue and inflammation as well as circulation and breathing symptoms. Joint and body pain is also very problematic and often the unrelenting deep fatigue is very hard to even describe. Cell wall deficient intracellular bacteria or other bugs CWD-ICB require a specific combination of steps to respond – which we have put together for you in the Intracellular Support Kit. 

Adaptogen Immune

Adaptogen Immune helps regulate the immune system toward being balanced and strong so it can focus on the challenges at hand without spinning into full on survival mode, creating increased levels of inflammation than is needed to get the job done. 

Key Benefits

  • Supports adrenal function and quells the nervous system
  • Provides robust support for the immune, nervous, and endocrine systems
  • Naturally boosts energy levels, enhances vitality, and improves physical endurance
  • Boosts the body’s ability to manage stress gracefully with an enhanced cortisol metabolism for a healthier, more balanced life


Artemisia Trinity

Artemisia Trinity is an herbal supplement that provides immune system support while supporting the body’s ability to fight parasites and parasitic infections.

Key Benefits

  • Supports the body’s ability to fight parasites like malaria and worms 
  • Slows the growth of bacteria
  • Helps contain the build-up of harmful cells
  • Promotes overall health and wellness
  • Boosts the body’s defenses and nurtures cellular well-being with a powerful immune-enhancing formula



Bio-Assist is an all-in-one detox and drainage support system through use of herbals. This powerful formula works to improve blood flow, lymphatic drainage, spleen function, liver and bile flow, in addition to total digestive secretory and contractile support, leading to better tissue nutrition and overall elimination.

Key Benefits

  • Supports and optimizes healthy organ functions
  • Promotes detox the via liver and bile ducts
  • Supports lymph flow and detox of urinary tract and kidneys
  • Supports and aids digestion


Binder Blend

Binder Blend expedites and makes the elimination of toxins more efficient after excretion through bile carrying out systemic toxins that are sequestered by adsorption to the activated charcoal, organic chlorella, and bentonite clay.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes detoxification, cleansing, protection, and supports absorption
  • Traps toxins and helps move them out of the body
  • Supports digestive health
  • Supports response to die off reaction through improved detoxification
  • Supports increased nutrient absorption and oxygenation throughout the body
  • Promotes normalized gut function


Cryptolepis Synergy

Cryptolepis Synergy works to transform the intracellular micro-environment to decrease microbial presence, while influencing and releasing the cell and system from microbial burden. 

Key Benefits

  • Supports the body’s defense system against immune challenges to stay strong
  • Promotes healthy microbial and parasite levels while supporting the healthy function of the spleen and immune system
  • Promotes the reduction of lymphatic system and liver inflammation
  • Supports improved antioxidant function


Phospholipid Synergy

Phospholipid Synergy provides key nutrients needed to repair the cell and mitochondrial membranes, improving function in all cells and in all tissues while giving key nutrients for nerve and brain function. 

Phospholipids are likely the most important nutrients to help exit the cell danger survival response that maintains the sick-survival response in the presence of chronic infections, stress,  and toxicity. 

Key Benefits

  • Powerful detoxification support
  • Potent antioxidant support
  • Promotes cellular defense and optimal cellular function


Please note that phospholipids are naturally hygroscopic and will attract ambient moisture which can lead to clumping. We recommended use within 30 days after opening.

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ADAPTOGEN IMMUNE We are working on updating our Adaptogen Immune FAQ at this time. Please contact us at and we will happily answer any questions you have about our Adaptogen Immune product. ARTEMISIA TRINITY Q: Is it normal for the artemisinin to make you feel nauseous or experience hot body temperature? A: The symptoms are not from the artemisinin herb itself, rather, from the effect of the herb on the body. Similar to a die-off reaction or herxing. Q: Does your wormwood artemisinin product contain thujone? A: We use Artemisinin Annua which is a species that does not contain or produce thujone. Q: How long does it take for Artemisia Trinity to begin working? A: It all depends, some individuals see improvement within a few weeks while others might take a few months. Herbal supplements normally are gentle and it takes some time for the body to begin absorbing them. Q: Will antioxidant supplements and/or foods reduce the benefits and/or effects of taking Artemisia Trinity? A: Possibly, but it seems to be ok as artemisinin can and should only be taken for 3 consecutive days which allows for an interrupted type dosing schedule with antioxidants as well, taken on the days you do not take Artemisia Trinity. Q: Is Artemisia Trinity more effective in seeking and finding the target cells in the body if you ingest an iron supplement an hour before taking the supplement? A: Unlikely. Artemisinin works predominantly on the ring or trophozoite stage in the red blood cells where the parasites consume hemoglobin and thus create even more iron inside the red blood cells, which is what activates the peroxide effect that causes more focused oxidative damage to the parasites inside the red blood cells. Other cells contain less iron, which leads to a decreased ROS effect. BIO-ASSIST We are working on updating our Bio-Assist FAQ at this time. Please contact us at and we will happily answer any questions you have about our Bio-Assist product. BINDER BLEND Q: What is the charcoal sourced from in Binder Blend? A: Our charcoal is sourced from birch/beech, not coconut. Q: Does Binder Blend use in processing or have any added sulfites? A: No. None of the ingredients in Binder Blend contain added sulfites. Q: Is Binder Blend gluten free? Is there any gluten in the factory where this product is made? A: Binder Blend does not contain any wheat and the ingredients are highly unlikely to have any gluten or gliadin traces. For this reason, we decided to waive molecular testing for gluten. And therefore cannot make the above claim. Q: When is the best time of day to take Binder Blend? A: There is not a perfect time of day to take Binder Blend. However, we do advise Binder Blend be taken 30 minutes before any meals/supplements/medications or 60 minutes after any meals/supplements/medications. Q: Does Binder Blend support mercury detoxification? A: Yes, Binder Blend can be used for mercury and other heavy metals. Q: Is there an age requirement for taking Binder Blend? A: There is no age limit for taking Binder Blend. If the patient cannot swallow capsules, they can be opened and the powder can be mixed in with a liquid, such as water, yogurt, or applesauce. CRYPTOLEPIS SYNERGY Q: Is Cryptolepis Synergy gluten free? A: Yes. Q: What is the intended difference between Cryptolepis Synergy and Cryptolepis Concentrate? A: Cryptolepis Synergy is a whole herb approach to babesiasis and other intracellular cell wall deficient infections like mycoplasma and chlamydia etc. Added herbs helps with decreasing herx reactions by attenuating immune responses when challenged by LPS, as well as improving no response in an amphoteric way, as well as decreasing specific symptoms of night sweats, bone pain etc. and most importantly, improving blood flow to help overcome the effects of babesia and other oxygen/blood loving organisms on blood viscosity and blood vessel function. Cryptolepis Concentrate includes all of the above, but with mostly herbs at a 20:1 concentrate to improve potency of the formula. It’s a step 2 formula while Cryptolepis Synergy is a step 1 formula. We included bartonella more in our thinking as well with the concentrated forms of the herbs and wanted artemisia suitable for continuous dosing in there rather than the interrupted dosing as is required for Artemisia Trinity. PHOSPHOLIPID SYNERGY POWDER Q: Can Phospholipid Synergy Powder be taken at 2 scoops once a day? Will the body absorb and utilize it less than if taken at 1 scoop twice a day? A: 2 scoops once a day will serve the same benefits as 1 scoop twice a day. Q: Why does Phospholipid Synergy contain FOS? Are those with SIBO able to tolerate? A: With TMAO formation from choline etc. largely microbiome dependent in our understanding, FOS at 80 mg per serving as well as the fulvic acid is to improve the microbiome and mucus membrane integrity over time to reduce that effect for some. We’ve had very good tolerance and up to now without any reports of it aggravating SIBO. In fact, feedback from a few high level practitioners indicate that this formula is better tolerated, with regard to GI, than the formula they were using for themselves and in their practices. Noting decreased bloating and a lessened tendency to loose stools and diarrhea. Q: Is the Phospholipid Synergy Powder good for CIRS and MCAS? Does it cause a histamine response? A: Yes. This product has been deliberately put together to support CIRS, MCAS, and MSIDS. Phospholipid Synergy Powder is a soy derived phospholipid and it only seems to translate into reactivity if the person has a very significant soy allergy, in the true sense of the term. People with food sensitivities to soy report good tolerance i.e. no observed reactions. Q: Is the soy used in Phospholipid Synergy Powder GMO-free? A: Our soy derived phosphatidylcholine is GMO-free certified and sourced from Germany which does not allow for GMO soy. Q: Help! I lost my scoop, how do I measure my Phospholipid Synergy Powder? A:You can use a teaspoon to match our recommended serving size. Q: What is the best time of the day to take Phospholipid Synergy Powder? A: Any time of day is best as there is no right or wrong time to take this product. Q: Is Phospholipid Synergy Powder energizing? A: No. Q: Is Phospholipid Synergy Powder gut health safe? A: Yes! In fact, Phospholipid Synergy Powder is excellent for gut health. One of the first changes commonly experienced in the digestive or respiratory mucosa, when there’s an infectious or inflammatory condition present, is a decrease in the PC content in the mucus secretions. Phospholipids also have a very positive effect on both GI and respiratory mucosal tissues and their function. Q: What is the source of the maltodextrin found in Phospholipid Synergy Powder? A: Corn. GENERAL Q & A Q: Is this kit protocol safe to take while pregnant or breastfeeding? A: We advise all customers who are either pregnant or breastfeeding to consult directly with their treating physician or ob-gyn to ensure the health and safety of both themselves and their baby. Q: I am unable to swallow capsules. Is there another way to take the caps? A: Yes, all of our capsules can be opened and either added to any type of "fruit sauce" or yogurt to swallow. Q: Is it safe to continue taking other supplements while on this protocol? A: Yes. However, we do advise that if you experience any "side effects" that you reduce the dosage of supplements as your body adjusts to the new ones. Q: How do I find the protocol for my kit? A: All Return Healthy kits include the appropriate protocol with the order, however, if it has been misplaced or damaged, you can visit the kit's website page through to download. Q: How long will one kit last? A: Each kit is designed to last 30 days. We recommend to stay on the protocol for a minimum of 3-6 months. Q: Is the MFG date the same as the expiration date? A: No, the expiration date is 2 years from the MFG (manufacturing) date which can be located at the bottom of each product. Q: Are your products made in the USA? A: Yes! 100% of our products are manufactured in the USA. Q: What are your purity testing standards? A: Our products are tested in the following way - first, the raw materials are tested individually for microbial and toxic substances and are required to have a certificate of analysis, all ingredients without exception. Then, after all the ingredients are combined and mixed, the final batch is tested again for microbial and toxic substances, and only if these thresholds are passed, is the formula released for sale.

What's Inside

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The Intracellular Support Kit from Return Healthy is a collection of some of our most powerful supplements that can trap mold toxins and safely remove them from your body via the digestive tract. This kit includes Adaptogen Immune, Artemisia Trinity, Bio-Assist, Binder Blend, Cryptolepis Concentrate and Phospholipid Synergy Powder. These all-natural supplements were developed by Dr. Werner Vosloo ND, a Lyme Literate ND (LLND) and Mold and Biotoxin expert, currently practicing medicine.
Each of the 6 supplements included in the kit play an important role in your treatment protocol, here iti a summary of each one. Adaptogen Immune helps regulate the immune system to be balanced and strong so it can focus on the challenges at hand without spinning into full-on survival mode with more inflammation than gets the job done. Bio-Assist is an all detox and drainage system support in one bottle – herbal support the way master herbalists have put organ, drainage and digestive support for living memory. Better blood flow, lymphatic drainage, spleen function, liver and bile flow in addition to total digestive secretory and contractile support leads to better tissue nutrition and elimination. Bile carrying out systemic toxins is sequestered by adsorption to the activated charcoal, organic chlorella and bentonite clay in Binder Blend to expedite and make more efficient your elimination of toxins after excretion. Finally as Artemisia Trinity and Cryptolepis Synergy transform the intracellular micro-environment to decrease microbial presence and influence and release the cell and system from microbial burden.Phospholipid Synergy provides key nutrients needed for repairs to the cell and mitochondrial membranes, improving function in all cells in all tissues while also giving key nutrients for nerve and brain function. Phospholipids are likely the most important nutrients to help exit the cell danger survival response that maintains the sick-survival response in the presence of chronic infections, stress and toxicity
At Return Healthy, we take pride in offering high-quality, all-natural supplements that can help you feel your best. Our Mold Recovery Kit is perfect if you’ve been exposed to mold and are experiencing symptoms related to that exposure. Give your immune system the support it needs while removing harmful toxins from your body. Return Healthy wants you to feel your very best so that you can get back to living life to the fullest. Get your Mold Recovery Kit today and take control of your health and wellness.


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